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PM 施維英 CIFA 配件






分配閥 Distribution ValveS閥管,鑲嵌硬質合金材料的眼鏡板、切割環、使用壽命超過30000方,S閥管可自動補償磨損間隙,密封性能好,適宜于高層及長距離泵送。 s valve cylinders are made of glass-like plate and cutting ring embedded with rigid alloy,whose service life is over 30000 cubic meters.S valve cvlinders can automatically compensate the wearing clearance and be sealed perfectly.It is suitable for transferring in higher height or in longer distance.
主泵,閥組 main oil pump valve group原裝泵組。使用壽命長、故障率低、系統發熱量小,主油泵有恒功率控制功能,可負荷不超載,大程度利用發動機功率,同時具有壓力切斷功能。 Oriqinal bump group is characterized in long service life,high controlling precision,low failure rate,and low system heat value.The main oil pump valve group has the function of constant power controling,which can make sure no overload and use the engine power in largest extent.And also has the function of cutting-off under relevant pressure.The bump group comprises products from Italian Atos and American Sunny.
電器系統 Electric System*采用可編程控制器,控制無誤,降低了電氣系統故障率。 *采用"一體化電源"能提供穩定的電氣控制電源,保護電氣系統的每個電氣元件. *電氣元件采用"歐姆龍、三菱、施耐德"等原裝件,出現故障。 *配電箱采用無線遙控器,便于操作減少人工,具有良好操控特性。 *The imported PLC controllers can make sure control accurately and reliably,as well as largely reduce the failure rate of electric system. *The integrated power is used to provide stable electrical control power supply,and to validly protect every electrical element of the electrical system. *Electric elements are imported parts from Omron,Mitsubishi,and Schneider,which seldom failed. *Distribution box can be controlled by wireless remote controller,so that unnecessary manual work can be reduced and the operation features is the best.
液壓系統 Hydraulic System*雙泵開式油路,為砼泵經典的液壓油路設計.因為各工作系統由單獨的油泵驅動,可增加液壓系統壽命,節約能源,減少系統發熱情況。 *具備溢流、壓力切斷雙重保護, *管接頭采用錐面密封,液壓油管采用"瑪努利 "管路系統的穩定性。 *主油缸高、低壓切換采用轉閥設計,不用拆卸膠管,減少液壓油二次污染.又非常方便。 *油箱內壁通過酸洗磷化后防銹不易生銹避免造成油液污染。 *one open loop respectively equipped on double pumps is a classic designed hydraulic circuit for the double pumps.Because each work system can be supported by separated oil pump.the service life of each hydraulic system can be validly increased,energy can be saved,and fever ot tne system can be mitigated. "Be featured with double protection of overflow and shut-off under pressure to increase the reliability. *Pipe Jjoints are sealed by conical surface according to the international standard.The hydraulic pipes are the pipes from Manuli to ensure the reliability of the pipe system. *The main oil pipe is with the rotary valve which can switch between high pressure and low pressure.The design can avoid dismounting the rubber pipe and reduce the secondary pollution by the hydraulic oil.The operation can be done very conveniently and rapidly. *Inner wall of the oil box can be anti-rusted to avoid oil pollution after pickling and phosphating.


參數名稱  Name of parameter單位HBT8013-90SHBT8013-110SHBT8013-145SHBT8013-176S
輸送量Maximum transferring volumeM3/h80/4580/4588/5495/60
泵送出口壓力 Maximum pumping pressure of outputMpa13/716/713/716/7
理論垂直輸送距離Maximum vertical transferring distancem270350270350
理論水平輸送距離 Maximum horizontal transferring distancem1200160012001600
分配閥形式 Type of distribution valve-S閥管 S valve
混凝土缸規格:缸徑*行徑Concretecylinder size:inner diameterxstrokemm200x1650200x1650200x1650200x1650
料斗容積 Hopper volumeL800
上料高度Feeding heightmm1400
發動機型號 Engine type-Y2-280M-4Y2-315S-4道依茨176 Deutz176道依茨145 Deutz145
額定電壓 Nominal voltageV38024
額定轉速Rated speedr/min14802400
無線遙控Wireless remote control-選配 Choose whether or not equipped with
液壓形式Hydraulic form
開式回路 Open loop
泵送系統油壓 Oil pressure of pumping systemMpa32
液壓油箱容積 Volume of the hydraulic oil cylinderL500
允滸骨科顆粒直徑Maximum allowed diameter of rigid grainmm卵石50mm*碎石40mm grait50mm*Macadam40mm
混聚土輸送管內徑Inner diameter of concrete cylindermm125/150
整車質量 Total weightkg6000650066006700

石家莊混凝土泵 鄭州混凝土泵 



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